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Chronicle of my Grad School Exit into Real World



March 5th, 2008

Just FYI, I'm on my 4th beer in the effort to make myself sleepy enough to fall asleep sometime soon so that I'm no longer staying up till 4 AM and sleeping through the morning.

So I mentioned earlier that the boyfriend and I are on the outs. But... I guess not? He was giving me every indication that a break up was inevitable, but after a tense and derisive conversation in which we basically aired all the stuff we hate about each other, he is now acting happy to talk to me and says he missed me. He even makes innuendos and talks about wanting to be with me again. My mind is pretty much made up that I don't want to continue the relationship. But, when do I tell HIM that? Now we're getting along great, but there is several miles between us. 1,517 miles, to be exact. He also hates Spokane, which I have recently made my home for the next indefinite time period. So, that leaves no future for us. When he's nice, he's very very nice, but when he gets annoyed or peeved, he's such a jerk. I don't like his politics, I despise his general attitude toward the human race at large. So... why can't I break up with him? I keep saying I'm waiting for the right time. But is there a right to rip ties with a person you care about? Please advise. I'm rather confused and need help. I've never been in a long-distance relationship before.

P.S. to spell check: "No spelling errors found." Damn straight, bitch. Even after four beers, I will not make a spelling error. Grammar errors, maybe, but ha ha ha! I will not abuse the English language even whilst drunk!

March 2nd, 2008


My life kinda rots right now!

The boyfriend and I are on the verge of ex-ness.

After seeing Christina Jennings perform the Rouse Flute Concerto this weekend, I feel like a undisciplined poser who's wayyyyy behind schedule (she looked extremely young).

Bills + no job yet = fun for no one. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is about to catch up with me. Credit cards are maxed out.

And due to issue directly above, I haven't spoken with my father in over a month.

It could get worse, but I hope it doesn't. I haven't been as proactive in bettering any of these situations to the degree that I know I'm capable of.

So tomorrow is war day! I'm declaring war on the shittiness in my life. It's do or die. Suck it up, soldier, and march forth to victory. And employment!

February 21st, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

So I didn't go outside. I stayed inside. All day. And played scrabulous. I also practiced flute and piccolo quite a bit in preparation for the Spokane Symphony audition. And I did housework too! I'm practically a stay-at-home-mom... without the mom part.

Knocking things off my to do list is incredibly satisfying... since my to do list is all I have TO do since my boyfriend boarded his plane back to the midwest five days ago. Sigh. I don't think I'm lonely, but I'm pretty sure I am. I was hoping I would get a call back for the job interview today, but I didn't. Sigh. Where are my wine coolers???.... *goes in search*

*gulp* So anyways, I think I need to blame UMKC for my current predicament. Because I didn't even know I was going to graduate until 3 days before graduation, I had made almost no plans for my grad school exit strategy. It's like what Dubya thinks will happen in Iraq. I pulled out all my troops and now the middle east -- I mean, my life -- is in chaos. I could sit here and berate myself that I didn't do enough to prepare for this, but that hasn't really gotten me anywhere this past month. So I guess I need a new plan other than self-flagellation.

February 20th, 2008

So after much dragging of the feet, I have finally attained full legal status in the driving department. I received my beautiful Washington state license plates last week and this week I finally got the driver's license to go with 'em. Now a lot of you are probably thinking, "Those things aren't difficult to get. Why'd she wait so long?" A ha! You see, it IS difficult to get these things. If you're me. Because when you're me, simple things become complicated to the nth degree and a simple trip to the Dept. of licensing for Washington plates becomes a trip to the emissions testing place, failing the emissions test, taking the car to a mechanic and basically just handing over the credit card and saying "Do. Your. Worst.". 400 dollars later, it's back to the emissions testing place, passing the test, taking all that paperwork to the DOL and 90 dollars later getting license plates.

And driver's license should be cake after this, right? Nope. You guessed WRONG. Driver's licensing is complicated by the fact that I did not have a valid license, just an Missouri ID card. This was because some fucker in a batman mask stole my purse (which held my precious license inside) and when I tried to get a duplicate, I found out Idaho had put a block on my driving record for reasons I still don't understand. So I put off calling Idaho DMV and when I finally did, I had to pay them money to release the block. When that got done, I was a mere two weeks away from moving so I thought to my dumb self, "Why bother? I'll just get a WA license in a couple weeks." WRONG again. Without a valid license, I'm required to take both the written and driving test to attain the new license. So I finally have valid plates with which to take the driving portion, so I go into the DMV and take a number. 2 HOURS later, my number is called and I'm instructed to take the written test. I barely passed, but at least I passed. By this time, all driving tests are over with and I have to return to the DMV the next day. I got out easy this time. I passed the driving portion with flying colors and I only had to be at the DMV for 1 1/2 hours this time. Wow. What a breeze that was!

But now I'm legal and I'm breathing so many sighs of relief that I'm feeling a little light-headed. Or maybe that's just because of the beer. Mmmm... moose drool.

PS, the group interview went well, and hopefully I'll be getting a call soon for aNOTHER interview, but this one will be just myself, not a group. Cross those fingers and toes for me!

February 19th, 2008

Tomorrow is my first job interview after making the grand exit from UMKC Conservatory. Unfortunately it is not for anything of or relating to music, but I will get to do a lot of counting! I am interviewing for a bank teller job at Wells Fargo bank. Wish me plenty of luck not only for the interview, but even more so for the finding of a good parking spot. I will be wearing killer heels tomorrow and I would like it if I only had to walk 6 blocks or less in them. So they don't kill ME. They're for killing the competition!! Hehe.

Tomorrow is also my driving test for my Washington state driver's license. Yes... I have to take the test like a Grandma because I never was able to replace my stolen Missouri license. They said I could obtain a MO driving record to get out of taking the test, but God only knows that would cost me an extra 30-40 dollars and probably show all of the terrible things I did while a driver of that state (which equals two moving violations).

So anyways, wish me lots of luck because I need income and to be a legal driver once more.

At least I can walk right up to the counter tomorrow instead of waiting 2 hours to take the written portion like a did today. Oyyyy, that was plenty much of the suck!
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